The malignant effect of the virus has taken over the lives of more than one lakh Indians. The statistics we see in the government portals just manifest the number of people directly affected by the virus. It is out of the question to put a figure on the number of people indirectly affected by the virus. One of the biggest victims of the lockdown is street vendors who earn their bread and butter on daily basis. These vendors have been non- operational for months and today with unlocking coming into the picture, people prefer to order online concerning safety. This ultimately made these vendors neglected with no ray of hope. The shortage of resources and non- affordability occludes these vendors from entering the digital space or even offering home- delivery. Recently, the government has partnered with Swiggy-India's largest and highest valued online food ordering and delivery platform to take these vendors online. The government’s decision does give solace to these vendors as th

Shops without shopkeepers- Faith in humanity

Social media and news channels are littered with photos and videos which shows that social distancing norms have become a joke in India. We rarely get to see scenarios where the rules have been adhered to. During this unprecedented times of pandemic where social distancing is the only vaccine available at this point, here is what fellow citizens from the northeast part of our country are doing. Can you imagine a shop without a shopkeeper-  are we even able to imagine that level of honesty? Such that a customer comes, takes what he or she wants, puts the money in a box as per the price tag displayed- No bargaining, no hassles for change, and complete social distancing which is the need of the hour. This is not something which is a new concept, faith in humanity has been prevailing in Mizoram since 30 long years now Travelers traveling along the highways of Mizoram and Manipur would find these unmanned shops which are called ‘Nghah-loh-dawr’ ( shops without shopkeepers ) in the Mizo-loca

Dear Corona Warriors

                                                                     Dear Corona Warriors, Where we all are worried about the health and well-being of our near and dear ones, we are aware that you have a family too. Thank you for prioritizing duty over family! Where we all are busy displaying our Culinary and Barbery skills all over social media, we are aware that you have not had a single drop of water in the past 8 hours and shaving your hair off just to minimize the spread of infection. Thank you for caring more about us than yourself! Where the world is on the verge of surrendering itself to this dreadful war, we are aware that you are there to save us even at this point. Thank you for showing us hope that we are going to make through these tough times and shine brighter! While so many brave and beautiful souls are working in the frontline as well as in the backend just to keep us safe and save our lives. Let us do our bit by following the simple rule


                                       A time when the entire world is fighting against Coronavirus and the cases are multiplying with every passing day, a very notorious case has been registered in Bombay High Court which is not the need of the hour. HUL that markets Lifebuoy has filed a case against Reckitt Benckiser that manufactures the Dettol's product line for negatively portraying lifebuoy soap. Amidst Corona crisis, WHO along with all the Central and State Governments are appealing to all the citizens across the globe to wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing. Lifebuoy and Dettol, both have been depicting their products as germ killers over all these years. One will agree that their Unique Selling Point coincides. At a stage where washing your hands frequently, is the most important thing to do, Dettol came up with an advertisement on the 12th of March 2020 claiming that Dettol's hand wash can kill more germs than your usual soaps. The adver


Reading about Meesho’s journey reminded me of Arthur Ashe ’s lines- Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. A Business model that sounded like a marketing gimmick during its infancy is today the first Indian company to be backed up by the social media pioneer Facebook. A couple of months ago Facebook made an equity investment of 25 million dollars in Meesho. Founded in December 2015, what acted as a catalyst to make Meesho reach these heights in this short period remains a burning question. In a country where Ecommerce is still facing resistance, a person seems to be living under the rock if he believes that Ecommerce is booming and is profitable. If one checks the quarterly reports, it is clearly visible that crores and crores are wasted or lost due to problems like taxation policy, online payment safety, misuse of free return and cash on delivery facility, etc. After all these efforts the result is- Netizens do not trust these online platforms


     Each one of us would unanimously agree upon the fact that we are usually skeptical about drinking water quality in public utilities. Gone are the days when we used to get down at a railway station and refill our reusable water bottles in those drinking water taps, these days most of us would prefer to get a bottle of packaged drinking water. What drives us to get a bottle of Bisleri is the conception that it is safe for drinking with added minerals. The irony is there are also people who use these packaged water even for their household purpose since they are the ones who run out of time to fill water for drinking and household chores.      According to a 2011 Harris poll, 90% of pet owners think of their pet as members of the family. A couple of days ago on the Eve of Valentine’s, there was a beautiful image all over social media, of a lady celebrating Valentine’s day with her adorable pet. Have you ever thought of a packaged drinking water for your pet, it may sound crazy but


We all are aware of multiple brands which were the king of the market at one point and then saturated in a way never imagined before- One of the classic example being Nokia Any company cannot keep offering the same product for a long period of time. A research conducted by Forbes states that 'Customers are no longer Brand loyal.' They are absolutely comfortable in hopping from one brand to another, looking for what additional benefit they may get from this move. Nokia too had a strong team to invest in innovation and they too were doing complete justice, but the only thing that went wrong was they were not able to deliver quick changes as per the changing customer's needs. When Samsung and Apple came up with a more attractive option, Nokia started losing its market share to them. Talking about the other end of the tangent, if you understand the target customer's needs, you can set an example like the way NIRMA outshined even at its infancy when   HUL's Surf